Cat 11月7日
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Welcome to peer with me on DN42.Just provide the information mentioned below to my email or contact me via Telegram.

My Server

Currently only one server available.

Los Angeles, US Hosted by Vultr

  • ASN: 4242422204
  • Public IPv4:
  • Public IPv6: 2001:19f0:6001:53d4:5400:03ff:fe0d:8f68
  • Tunneled IPv4:
  • Tunneled IPv6: fdde:690a:20fc:39ff::ab01 and Link-Local: fe80::2204
  • WireGuard Port: last 5 digits of your ASN
  • WireGuard Public Key: /1M4brKiLPpYkU8YZ4Leq2mLYHHSKCThQoIinPSjTjU=

I will configure two BGP sesssions (1 IPv4 & 1 IPv6) by default.

Required Information

  • ASN
  • Your Public IPv4(Prefer) or IPv6
  • Your Tunnel v4 and v6 and maybe link-local address
  • WireGuard Port on your side (22204 if not mention)
  • WireGuard Public Key
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